Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Value of Focusing

Today I am appreciating the value of Focusing in my life. Gene Gendlin says, "No matter what you do, with Focusing, it will go better." And how true that is! I guide and teach Focusing because I am passionate about how it supports me in being whole and want to share that opportunity with others.

I was struggling with an interpersonal conflict. It felt painful. I was angry. When I took just a brief moment to look inside, I discovered how I yearn for both of us to be OK. Connecting with that yearning, and my beautiful vision of “OKness,” I felt an easing, and a wave of love toward myself (when before I was self-critical) and toward the other person (when before I was feeling angry). Not only does loving just plain feel better than being in pain and angry, it is way I want to be in the world.

Today, I am so grateful for how Focusing has supported me in connecting with and experiencing my deepest values, even in the midst of pain and conflict.

Focusing is a scientifically-proven and -validated way of accessing our inner wisdom and gaining physical and mental ease. I offer guided Focusing sessions on the phone or in person for $75 each or three for $200. For more see www.shula.ca or e-mail shulamit@shula.ca

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