Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The simple power of being a companion

“For hundreds of thousands of years ... a friend or companion has sat down quietly on the ground close by and listened. And little by little some kind of opening has come, and there has been some sense of a way forward…. It seems more than probable that these simple things have been known at all times and in all places ... We are passing a golden treasure from hand to hand.” Rob Foxcroft

When I read this, I feel comforted in my body. My insides relax and I feel a sense of simple, peaceful calmness and joy. They say, “Yes! This is how I want to be. This is the simple gift I want to give."

Shulamit Day Berlevtov
Holistic Psychotherapy

I support people in transforming what is painful and difficult into meaning, inner spaciousness and new life.

Sessions are available for $75 each or a package of three for $200.

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