Saturday, May 16, 2009

Encounter life with Focusing

Are you yearning to know yourself better? Are you feeling stuck?

Focusing allows you to meet yourself directly, with nothing (old habits, prior assumptions, fears, or any other kind of baggage) in between.

Focusing is a way of encountering life itself

"When I Focus, I am seeking to know myself better. When Focus, I become more clear about my priorities. I value my relationships. I change... I don't stay stuck in the same ruts. I surprise myself. I move into my potential.

Focusing lets me meet people directly, with nothing in between. My relationships are enormously better now than before Focusing. I am truly present and engaged in living my life." adapted from Ann Weiser Cornell


Shulamit Day Berlevtov offers guided Focusing sessions in person or by telephone at the rate of $75/session. You can save $25 when you buy a 3-session package for $200. See

No matter what you do, when you know Focusing, it will go better.

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