Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kripalu Yoga for Total Wellness and Stress Reduction

Session begins February 9, 2009

This 8-week course brings together many facets of Yoga that have been especially effective in reducing stress and facilitating wellness. Each class features various learning modalities to present both body-based experiences and educational information about stress, wellness and Kripalu Yoga. It is based on the principles of Integrative Yoga Therapy, an aspect of the ancient science of Yoga that focuses on health and wellness at all levels of the person: physical, psychological and spiritual. It marries Western and Eastern approaches to health and well-being.


Week One: Introduction to the Course. “What will I learn?” and The Breath: Are You Really Breathing?

Week Two: Body Awareness: Facilitating mind-body-spirit connection is the key to health.

Week Three: Understanding Stress. Learning to use Yoga for stress management.

Week Four: The Power of Belief. Bringing greater health and energy into our lives.

Week Five: Living From the Heart: The physical and metaphorical heart and its role in health and healing.

Week Six: Energy: Yoga’s source of health.

Week Seven: Introduction to Ayurveda (India’s traditional medicine): Ayurvedic anatomy.

Week Eight: Opening to Life: Integrating the course.

Students will leave this program with an understanding of the importance of the mind-body-spirit in maintaining and promoting health. They will also learn effective tools that they can take home and use in their daily lives to deal with stress and promote wellness at all levels of their being.

8-week session, Mondays 5:30 - 6:30 pm, beginning February 9, 2009. (to be confirmed)

Pre-registration and pre-payment is required by February 5, 2009. $80 for the program.

Contact Shulamit or 613-868-YOGA

Location: Knox United Church, 5 Gibbard Avenue, Nepean, ON

This program is presented in association with Barrhaven Yoga
See for a full schedule of classes.

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