Monday, April 18, 2011

Unsure about the workshop? Special Offer

Returning to True Nature: an NVC and Inner Relationship Focusing program
October 2-7, 2012
Ladysmith, Quebec (1 hour from Ottawa, ON or Gatineau, QC)
  • you aren't sure that the combination of Nonviolent Communication and Inner Relationship Focusing is for you
  • you're curious to know what makes the combination different from each individual practice
  • you want an experience of what you are going to learn in the  workshop (for more information see Returning to True Nature: an NVC and Inner Relationship Focusing program)
then here is an invitation to try it at a special rate. Experience for yourself the powerful combination of the inner relationship, felt-sensing in the body, and needs consciousness.

Shulamit Berlevtov is offering potential participants one guided NVC+Inner Relationship Focusing session at a special rate of $75.

Sessions last 50 minutes. There will be an experiential segment as well as time to ask questions.

For more information,contact Shulamit
a) by e-mail: shulamit (at) shula (dot) ca,
b) by phone 613-868-9642

To book a session, go to

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Toronto workshop: Introduction to Inner Relationship Focusing and Nonviolent Communication

This weekend workshop runs approximately 9am - 5 pm on September 9, 10 and 11, 2011.

This workshop is for you if:

- you’d like to release self-criticism and increase self-love and acceptance

- you’d like to know better what you feel and want

- you’d like to release action blocks

- you’d like to make clear and centered decisions

- you would like to live from fullness rather than from lack

- you want to live your full, present-moment, joyful whole self and potential…

Over the weekend, you will be introduced to the 2 movements of NVC and Inner Relationship Focusing:

1. Moment by moment mindfulness and EMPATHIC PRESENCE to whatever is blocking our path to action, taking away our energy, and stopping us from embodying the ideals we have.

2. Moment to moment self responsibility, and living from wholeness rather than lack.

Nonviolent Communication combined with IR Focusing give us skills to develop true intimacy as the combination helps us:

• develop honesty and empathy inside of ourselves and in our relationships. Really knowing all parts of ourselves, we are able share on more & more authentic levels.

• learn new ways of thinking and speaking that lead towards connection, nourishment, and continual growth in relationship to ourselves and others.

• recognize and value the needs behind all our actions, seeing them as gifts.

• learn to embody the presence, authenticity and self responsibility that lead to lasting healing and self-empowerment.

$425.00/person after July 1, 2011 $375.00/person before July 1, 2011
$150.00 non-refundable deposit

Balance due August 12, 2011
Contact Norman Pasewalk with questions:

To register, mail a cheque made out to Gina Cenciose to
PO Box 16, Eastman, Quebec J0E1P0, Canada.

Facilitators: Gina Cenciose and Shulamit Berlevtov

GINA CENCIOSE has been living and sharing NVC and other modalities intensively since 2002. She offers mediation and counselling sessions, as well as group programs in Transformation of Consciousness every week. She is currently leading 7 different 1-year NVC integration programs with colleagues, in English and in French. Gina Cenciose has studied transpersonal healing, shamanism, trauma work, and non-dualism with Adyashanti and Eckhart Tolle. She teaches in prisons, hospitals, community organizations, spiritual centers and offers NVC and musical conferences as well. She trains new NVC trainers with the international center for NVC at . In many of her year long programs she adds Whole Body Focusing, Inner Relationship Focusing and Inquiry with NVC.

SHULAMIT BERLEVTOV As a spirit-body-mind coach, Shulamit supports women in transforming what is painful and difficult into meaning, ease and new life. To do so, she applies the tools of Nonviolent Communication, Focusing, yoga (in its widest sense), mindfulness, reiki and the Tapas Acupressure Technique. She is a certified Focusing guide and teacher, a multiply-certified yoga instructor and therapist, and has passed the assessment for certification as a trainer in Nonviolent Communication. She has been in private practice since 2000, and is currently completing an MA in Counselling and Spirituality. Shulamit's passion is guiding one-on-one Focusing sessions (by phone, Skype or in person) for people who are familiar with NVC because the unfolding that occurs is beautiful and inspiring beyond description.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

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I've set my e-mail accounts to send you an auto-response in service of connection, so you can know your e-mail landed in my inbox.

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I am always aiming for brevity to support respect for others' priorities as well as my body which is limited in its capacity to sit and type. If what I write is not received as expressing care, please write again.

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Did I send you a brief email message?

I value the finite time and attention that we all have available to us. I also find conversations to be rich and meaningful.

That said, I have a lot of email coming into my inbox. Maybe you do, too.

I am always aiming for brevity to respect others' priorities and to support my body which is limited in its capacity to sit and type. If what I write is not received as expressing care, please write again. My hope is that a timely, concise response respects you as much or more than a longer one because it is giving you the information you need quickly and more easily; you aren’t waiting for me to answer and don’t have to wade through a bunch of information to figure out what’s going on.

My brevity is intended to ensure I don’t bottleneck our conversation. I’m happy to have deeper connection and extended conversations. Please continue the conversation if it’s appropriate, and feel free to write in whatever length and style that feels comfortable for you. I don’t want my anti-bottlenecking practice to bottleneck you.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Telecourse: Integrating Nonviolent Communication and Focusing

Deep and Lasting Transformation of Consciousness through NVC and Inner
Relationship Focusing 

A Telecourse with Gina Cenciose and Shulamit Day Berlevtov starting February 8th 2011.

There will be a free Introductory call with Gina and Shulamit on Tuesday
evening January 18th 2011, 7 pm to 8:30 pm Eastern time. Please contact shulamit at shula dot ca for more information or to register.

*In integrating NVC and Inner Relationship Focusing skills you will:*

• Learn how to be truly and deeply present with what is alive in you
moment by moment through any part of your life

• Connect with even the most stuck emotional reactions so they make sense
and release you

• Make clearer choices to respond to life as your whole self

• Make contact with your bodily felt senses, which are doorways into fresh
energy and new possibilities

• Learn a step by step PRESENCE PROCESS to embody radical empathy, radical acceptance of what is, and therefor open to real change and inner growth

To register:
* *


Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) is a process for emotional healing and
accessing positive life-forward energy. It has been developed by Ann Weiser
Cornell and Barbara McGavin primarily out of their own practice, based on
the Focusing work of Eugene Gendlin, with some influences from a number of other methods. (Cornell and McGavin, 2002.) Above all, the practice of IRF has been developed over 18 years of intensive work with clients who were engaging with difficult issues such as action blocks, addiction (primarily eating disorders), depressed and anxious states, and experiences of low self-worth. In addition to these types of issues, IRF has been developed with people who wanted to make decisions that were appropriate for them and to feel more confident in their own inner sense of rightness about their next life-forward steps. Despite its application to difficult life issues, IRF is not a method that is aimed at particular problem areas, but is
adaptable to any issue that a client has, including relationship issues and
even the suffering caused by pain and physical symptoms.

Like the Focusing method from which it emerges, IRF can be taught to people as a self-growth skill and can be done in pairs in a ‘peer counseling’
format. Networks of people doing IRF with each other in ‘Focusing
partnership’ have arisen in a number of places in the world, and since the
process can be done by telephone, partners do not need to be in the same
physical location in order to work with each other. Professionally, IRF can
be used by therapists, counselors, and other healing professionals in
conjunction with other modalities, and it can also be done as a stand-alone
practice by an ‘IRF Guide.

With Inner Relationship Focusing, you go directly to the place where you
have a deep body knowing about a situation. There is wisdom in our body-mind which we tend to ignore, partly because our modern, fast-paced,
head-oriented culture is just not set up that way.

This class is an introductory (Level One) class in Inner Relationship
Focusing. The curriculum will be presented in the light of NVC
consciousness, informed by the principles and practices that NVC nourishes.

We will learn to experience ourselves, our inner voices of criticism,
judgment, shame and blame, as well as our needs, freshly and from a more
holistic angle.

Inner Relationship Focusing gives us the capacity to see clearly what is
happening in the moment, to turn towards it and to accept it with love.
During this program, we will explore the Nonviolent Communication and Inner Relationship practices of empathy; and compassionate awareness that
cultivate acceptance, allowing us to genuinely embrace ourselves and each
other. You will have the opportunity to practice being with the parts of
your life that are judged and unforgiven. The workshop will include talks,
guided meditations called Focusing attunements, experiential exercises, and

You will leave with a radical new approach to self-acceptance, and a new way to connect to all the levels of life happening inside of you, that you may
not be currently aware of.

Class Outline:

Each class will include a remembering (focusing attunement), 25-45 minute
teaching with feedback and questions, and small group practice, along with
harvesting and extended check out. Empathy buddies and Focusing buddies
between class sessions will also be included.

Course Schedule:

*A six-month program which meets every other Tuesday (12 sessions)*

*12 Tuesdays, February 8 - July 12, 2011 
4:00 - 6:00 PM PST / PDT*

Requested NVC Experience: Beginner.* This includes
anyone who has 16 hours or more of NVC training and has a grasp of the NVC basics. The basics of NVC will not be covered. Focusing experience is not requested; anyone with zero or more Focusing training is welcome to register for the course.

*Fee: $350.00 USD*

*All registrants receive access to all recordings of the course.*

*About Shulamit Day Berlevtov*

I support individuals in transforming what is painful and difficult into
meaning, space and new life. I am a spirit-body-mind coach, have passed my assessment for certification as a trainer in Nonviolent Communication, am a certified Focusing teacher and guide and a certified and registered Kripalu yoga teacher. I also offer reiki and the Tapas Acupressure TechniqueR.

Since experiencing a serious illness in 2002, my commitment to compassionate authenticity and total nonviolence for myself and others has framed my spiritual and life practice and political action.

*About Gina Cenciose*

Gina has been a workshop leader, group facilitator (Certified community
building trainer and Restorative Circle facilitator) and teacher for 15
years. She has been teaching NVC full time for 7 years, and has trained NVC
trainers in year long to 3-year long NVC programs for 5 years. She leads 6
different yearlong Integration programs every year, and has co created and
facilitated NVC year long programs with other colleagues in 22 different
programs so far... She is certified with the CNVC and works as a certifying
coordinator with them.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Focusing is a practical, physical way to open the body's consciousness to the transcendent giftedness of everything

"How do I live each day so that a felt consciousness of living in a Presence can grow and deepen right within the experiences of daily life?

The habit of felt sensing (Focusing) is a practical, physical way to open my body's consciousness to the transcendent giftedness of everything, including events that threaten biological life.

Living itself can be prayer. The body itself, which we so identify with mortality, is meant to be our conscious bridge into immortality.

It is the body process that creates an experiential faith.

The habit of felt sensing gives us the body-feel for how in the practical order we can live connected in this world of gift, no matter what happens to us."
Ed McMahon, BioSpiritual Focusing


Shulamit Day Berlevtov offers guided Focusing sessions in person or by telephone at the rate of $75/session. You can save $25 when you buy a 3-session package for $200.

Free offer:
Three guided Focusing sessions.
Expires Oct. 31, 2010.
Some restrictions apply; please e-mail me shulamit at shula dot ca for details.

No matter what you do, when you know Focusing, it will go better.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Righteousness and Justice

Who is a tzaddik or tzaddeikit? Who are the righteous of the world? R. Zalman Schachter Shalomi, in A Heart Afire writes: "Are they not those who are participating in righteousness at that moment? That is what we are talking about here, the will directed toward righteousness in any given moment. Those who participate in that "aggregate will" are the tzaddikim for whom G-d created the world."

It's interesting that the root of tzaddik (righteous person) is tz-d-k, which also forms tzedek (justice) and tzedekah (translated as charity but really means more the justice that comes from sharing the material wealth of which we are only... stewards). Therefore, I like to think of tzaddikim as justice-ers, people working to bring justice to the world.

Extending the thinking that G-D created the world for tzaddikim, we could conclude that G-d created the world on purpose as a place intended for social action and that humans are intended to work for justice: "Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof" ("justice, justice shalt thou pursue." Shoftim (Deuteronomy) 16:20). That pasuk goes on to imply that justice is what is necessary, it is in fact a prerequisite, for us to thrive and come into our inheritance (that is, the world in which we live).